Drainfield Installation

Drainfields, also referred to as leach fields, is the other critical part of a septic system. A drainfield is what "receives" and manages wastewater/effluent from the septic tank. Drainfields breakdown the biodegradable/organic materials into microbes throughout the entire drainfield area.

A drainfield in an engineered system of sloped pipes with holes cut into them. These pipes are then spread outward thereby creating a "field" of drain pipes – hence, the term DRAINFIELD! The pipes are buried underground in a porous type material, typically gravel/rock, and arranged to prevent wastewater from sitting on the surface, runoff or to be ingested by animals. Without a drainfield, wastewater from a septic tank would flow directly into your yard causing a dangerous biohazard/health nuisance, a horrible odor and runoff outside your property line thereby affecting others!

Coincidentally, when a drainfield is slow or bad, the field needs replacing as it can no longer function properly and can easily mimic that scenario of having no drainfield at all!

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